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With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we provide Quality Energy Solutions for the domestic and commercial market.


As qualified electricians and refrigeration mechanics, we provide custom-tailored services in many fields including:

heat pump installations', L.E.D lighting, renewable energy, general electrical, alarms, cctv, networking, automation.

High-Quality Materials 
Affordable Prices
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions Tasmania



Utilize your surplus energy and

become more indipendant



Generate your own electricity and

save on power bills

Did you know we include Solar Analytics as standard on all our systems?
Watch this video to see why!

Going Solar in Tasmania

Over 25,000 residence in Tasmania have opted-in and installed solar panels on their roof. 

  • save money on your home or business electricity bill,

  • give's you more control over future power costs, and

  • makes your personal contribution to the move to clean, sustainable energy.

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